What would you like to see in Warzone?

Windows Phone Client

Allow WarLight to be played from Windows Phone devices.

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    AdminFizzer (WarLight Creator, WarLight) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    AdminFizzer (WarLight Creator, WarLight) responded  · 

    Hi all,

    We would certainly like WarLight to run on all phones. However, making an app for a phone is a huge amount of work (the iOS and Android version took over 2 years). We have to weigh the amount of work against the benefit, and right now it’s not sufficient to warrant devoting so much time to the Windows Phone.

    We will keep this item open and continue to re-evaluate in the future to see if the landscape changes. Thanks for the suggestion.


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      • knyte commented  · 

        Now that Warlight/Warzone is on Unity, an .AppX Windows Universal App might be possible. Only recommending this if it's like super-trivial to do on your end (I don't know how you currently package apps), even though I primarily use Windows 10 Mobile myself.

      • Creat89 commented  · 

        Hello, know there is the Windows Bridge to import an iOS app to windows phone. So, it should be easier to do it.

      • Filipe Cruz commented  · 

        windows phone was recently considered a failed market, it's losing customers instead of gaining them, microsoft itself it moving away from it. not worth pursuying anymore imho.

      • Patrick Belmonte commented  · 

        I have Windows and there’s not a windows app in the app store for Warlight, that would be a cool app idea! Notifications on the desktop, full screen mode, chat bar like Facebook.

        Just thought I’d brainstorm a bit!

      • Kate commented  · 

        You could just port the android app over via the new dev kit from windows themselves

      • anonymous commented  · 

        As an indie Game Dev I can see this possibility. Use an engine like Unity or Unreal Engine so it can port easily between platforms. It can be done in a couple weeks with all the resources available.

      • Noah Pitman commented  · 

        Come on. Just put it on here WPs. I would pay 3.99 for it. So do it.

      • zaa commented  · 

        yes pronto ;)

      • Je moeder commented  · 

        Yes totally!!
        But make it available for windows phone 7.8 my phone can not install windows phone 8.1......

      • warlord commented  · 

        This will add more fun

      • anonymous commented  · 

        Yeah please do it. This would do well on windows phone - there is nothing like it apart from a $2.99 poor effort.

      • guerrilla_rev commented  · 

        I love your game and love my windows phone. Please port this game. I would gladly pay for it.

      • Logan commented  · 

        i don't care if it's 99 cents or free just please put it on windows phone

      • Oliver commented  · 

        C'mon guys, make a WP version!

      • landalf commented  · 

        Windows Phone is heavily used in south america and the caribbean... before that was Blackberry....
        IPhone has never been popular in this region due to price... Android is very popular, but the quality of phones is not very good, except for a few well known brands such as Samsung and Sony-Experia.....

        So... We expect Windows phone to be the next hit.... an app is compulsory

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