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Allow 41 to 50 player games

It's a known fact that there was once a 50-man FFA event held by Fizzer himself, so the code is there; implementing such a feature, even if under some nasty requisites (membership, or a high level like 57~60) would be very easy and quick. Assuming the code wasn't changed much, it's all about making it publicly avaiable.

This would be great for large Free-For-All games; as chaotic as 40-man games are, an extra 20% players will make it even more fun! Specially on huge maps like Hex Earth.

In addition, this would be specially good for diplomacy players who tend to run out of slots very often in games, as 40 usually isn't enough.

Speaking of slots - there are 50 existing colors in the scenario maker, so no new additions are needed (except one so Smoky Black doesn't become avaiable for free).

tl;dr: It's easy/quick to implement and a pretty fun feature to play around with.

Prerequisites COULD be:
Based on level - You can make 40-man games at level 53, so:
L54 - 42 players
L55 - 44 players
L56 - 46 players
L57 - 48 players
L58 - 50 players

Or, simply, by making it so members can add 10 more players to their games, therefore giving an extra feature to make your supporters happy after the huge disappointment that was 100 bucks for a color. This would also make Membership sell a lot faster.

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