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Overhall of Clan System

Make clans more fun!

1. Allow name changes.
2. Have clan levels. Based on the same things as normal levels, but maybe times them by ten or something? Make it one coin for level one, 1+2 coins to level two (and so on) for the founder, and some other kind of reward for the average member.
3. Allow splits of manager rights:


For the founder only, cannot be booted. Can do everything that current people can do, and cannot be booted ever, by anyone.


Same as current manager rights.


Can only recruit and change tags.

Vote for me please!!!

255 votes
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    Thomas 633 shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    AdminFizzer (WarLight Creator, WarLight) responded  · 

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the suggestion. Clan manager tiers is certainly something we’d like to add some day, but it’s not on our immediate roadmap.

    Clan name changes will probably never be allowed, as the clan’s name is its identity and changing the name is akin to making a new clan entirely.


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      • Tabby commented  · 

        I agree this should be done. For example I will add Azul and others to standard level and almost everyone to recruitment level.

        A more important change will be allowing one account to be in multiple clans.

      • anonymous commented  · 

        A lot of clans have had the founder retire or kicked, (Michael for example started Vitrix and The Lost Wolves, but is not allowed in either) .

      • SergeiVladmirkov commented  · 

        The problem with this, is the incorporation of two distinctly separate ideas into a single suggestion.
        Some people might agree with the idea of having 'manager levels' of managing rights, however they might disagree with having 'clan levels', as it might discriminate against some of the more important, yet exclusive clans who might be underrated. Darklordio already proved that theory.

      • TheFalconGuy commented  · 

        My only problem with this is the implementation.
        It would take a long time to implement and a lot of code.

      • anonymous commented  · 

        Not sure about the coins but I fully support the rest

      • Thomas 633 commented  · 

        1. Is because some people have terrible names for their clans. At least a one-time name change.
        2. Is to entice people not to create those inactive one person clans.
        3. Is so you don't have to go trawling through your list of friends every single time someone wants an invite at three am.

      • Ayan Ayan commented  · 

        number 3 is ok for me, but other stuff... bullshit. Sorry, no vote

      • bob commented  · 

        i run a clan myself i love the idea it can help when someone only wants to recruit people i give this 3 votes good luck guys

      • anonymous commented  · 

        1 - Isn't the point with clans to be recogniced?
        2 - So the new meaning with clans will be to recruit as many as you can, to earn money?..
        3 - Whats the point with that?

        1-3 - Will these things "make clans more fun" ?

        No vote here:)

      • John Smith commented  · 

        Good idea, maybe change the recruitment level a bit, not sure how though

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