What would you like to see in Warzone?

Able to see who is online

I never know who is online until they join my game. It would be nice to see who is online so you can invite them to a game right away instead of waiting for random people to join.

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    iTasteLikeCandy shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    AdminFizzer (WarLight Creator, WarLight) responded  · 

    Hi all,

    We agree this is a great idea. It would be awesome if the game can show you who is online and let you just click on them to invite them to a game or chat. This is certainly something we’d like to add some day, but it’s not on our immediate roadmap.


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      • Master Ree commented  · 

        so 613 votes later... (or 204 people minimum)

      • Sephiroth commented  · 

        Yeah and friendships should be mutual: one player requests friendship to another player who's free to accept it or decline it

      • Stefano Prosperi commented  · 

        And also being able to chat with them, something Facebook-like

      • anonymous commented  · 

        Whats the hold up!!! get this running

      • Aftan Ismail commented  · 

        This feature could be put near the existing friend list.

      • bob smith commented  · 

        and maybe a little notification sort of thing when they log in

      • Xenor commented  · 

        please make also the option to "hide" or deactived this feature

      • Motocross5800 commented  · 

        something like skype, you can select if you are away, do not disturb and stuff like that

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This is Arun: Perhaps a green dot next to the player name on the invite list.

      • manunuma commented  · 

        Yes I agree, Online Status could be great and should be integrate with the MP system.

      • {101st} Freedom Crusader commented  · 

        I support DarkCausX in all he said and especially the last :

        "and if you dont move in 10 minutes the page you will get a AFK sing"

        thoug this each players hould be able to set in their settings, but it is important considering some people just have their computer running being logged into Warlight all day whitout actually being there.

        i would prefer something like 20 minutes thoug, 10 mins would just make it say far to often players are ofline thoug they are in the game but just reading some chats.

      • tri commented  · 

        gotta get this up and running some it would defnetly improve this wonderful game

      • DarkCausX commented  · 

        Global Status like:

        Players online:

        and if someone in the list is your friend is goin to be in color

        and if you dont move in 10 minutes the page you will get a AFK sing.

      • CuChulainn commented  · 

        What qualifies a person as 'online'? I'm sure Fizzer knows the best way to do this.

      • sue commented  · 

        if this feature is ever implemented, i would hope there would be a settings option of being able to "hide" so you can choose not to show up online. :)

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