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    Teammates leaving a game is certainly frustrating. Allowing another teammate to enter orders for them is definitely a possible way to address that problem.

    We could use some feedback on the following potential issues with this feature:

    1. In teams of more than 2 players, who gets control of a player that’s left? Just first to click the button, or assign a team captain or something?
    2. Could this slow down real time games? Imagine if one person has to enter orders for 3 teammates that have left plus themselves.
    3. Would this encourage someone to boot their teammates, just to take control over them?
    4. It needs to be very clear who is playing who for every turn. If someone that’s under control starts sabotaging their team, like gifting stuff to an enemy or attacking teammates, it needs to be clear it isn’t really them and you shouldn’t necessarily…

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    wuzzie13 commented  · 

    1. Who takes over... It could be with a vote in the team, although this could be insufficient. Alternate between the players could be an option too. First to play. Or give the teammates the option to vote for the several possible options (including AI).
    2. In real time it could cause a lot of time outs, especially on bigger maps.
    3. It could, not every player nourishes the concept of teamplay.
    4.It should be clearly visible who made the moves. Just add turnX played by teammate Y.
    5. True, the booting problem, is a huge problem, not only in teamgames. It ruins games too often. Same problem occurs now. When having all AI's as teammates you ask yourself the same question.
    6. People have to manage themselves in order not to get burned out.

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